World Tourism Fashion Festival (Season 2)

9th January 2020 | Malta

Tourism meets Fashion. An annual creative event staged by Mister Tourism World Organization (MTWO) as Global Celebration of Fashion, Tourism and Culture.


The joy of dressing is an Art & Culture which is related to Tourism. The clothes we wear  tell the stories of our culture, history and heritage. Today fashion defines as an art and  style of wearing clothes. It is considered as  high profile component of enhancing the attractiveness of Tourist Destinations around the world. Tourism and Fashion are both significant major sectors of the society to deliver socio-economic development to human life.


World Tourism Fashion Festival (WTFF) is your ticket to unlock the global fashion and tourism market. This is a Trade, Forum and Runway Show open to Fashion Designers and Male Brand Worldwide with participation of Mister Tourism World winners, alumni and candidates. A colorful night of Fashion, Music, Culture, glitz and glamour to showcase your collection to global audience.

This event brings together fashion designers, male brand from different part of the world together with buyers, media, fashion professionals and tourism leader of the industry.

First Season Participating Designers/Brand

Noel Newman- Fashion Designer

Nationality- Dominican Republic

Address- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Giacomo Apostol- Fashion Designer

Nationality- Filipino

Address- Rome Italy

Roderick Bangkot - Fashion Designer

Nationality- Filipino

Address- Rome Italy

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